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The Global Dialogue Center is a virtual gathering place for people throughout the world with a focus on leadership, professional and personal development --- a place to think, question, explore new ideas, learn and connect with a purpose: To help us all become catalysts for creating a better world than we know today.
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March 6 - Global Women's ONLINE Dialogue

Joel Barker’s COLLECTION – 2009 Innovation Film

Knowledge Gallery – Artist, Sally K. Green Exhibit

Economic Conversation Series – Next Session Feb. 10


Women’s Gallery: Tribute to the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Our New GDC Online Conference Center

Time for Reflection and Renewal




Institute of Noetic Sciences Interview

Money, Sustainability, Abundance & YOU

Joel Barker’s GOOD NEWS Blog for Kids

The Search for Meaningful Contribution

WOMEN: The Power of a Father’s Love

NEW BOOK: Putting Our Differences to Work by GDC Founder Debbe Kennedy

WOMEN'S EVENT: Learning From Role Models

Meaning Behind the Words: Diversity and Inclusion



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